StationeryStyle v2.0

October 20, 2009

According to Google Analytics, Stationery style will be 2 years old on December 31st, 2009. As some of you might know, we have added the big yellow "feedback" button on our old website quite a while ago... the reason for that is that I was hoping this 2.0 version of SS will be launched earlier this year to celebrate our 1st birthday. That obviously never happened, and as the saying goes "better late than never", we have decided to wrap up the development of the new website before our 2nd birthday. You are looking at a fairly complete website, although we are going to be adding a few major upgrades in the coming months.

Now, I will briefly touch on a few important updates. Even before we have put up the feedback button, we were aware that the website wasn't perfect by any means and had quite a few usability issues. We have received countless emails from people suggesting to have content "filters" and have the ability to view more than 12 items per page. Well, that was always there, all you had to do is look under the "Options" link. The Options tab also gave you the ability to completely fill up your screen with artwork, as if you were using your local browser (Windows Explorer etc). We have also decided that some people might not like the black theme and might want to go for something different, that's why we have developed a white layout. Since v1.0, we have taken the functionality out of the Options tab, and introduced it in form of icons to the main menu. We hope that you like it.

Although you currently can only use the Medium Grey scheme, we are working on 2 more: Very Dark Grey scheme and Very Bright Grey scheme. We don't have any plans to introduce any color into our themes, as we feel that the website should be kept very neutral for obvious reasons, however if we get enough requests for specific colors, we might develop a few more.

You are now able to actually link to any of the artwork items by either clicking on the name, the little plus, or the comment icon. Speaking of the comment icon, you can also comment on any of the items as well. The secondary artwork pages now contain more information (if the user provides it). Visit the upload section to view all of the available fields.

Last, but definitely not least is the Blog. We will finally have a place to communicate with our audience more effectively, which is always a good thing! In the next post I will upload several videos that will take you "behind the scenes" of SS. Believe me, this website is just as rich in details and as beautiful functionality wise "inside", as it is "outside".

I would also like to thank all of our loyal users who keep coming back for more of our quality content. Without you we wouldn't be where we are now! :)